Microsoft insegue (e supera) Google. Ma solo su Google Sky.

Ho mandato anche una segnalazione a Slashdot, chissà che questa volta…

According to an insightful guess, Microsoft may be ready lo launch a Google Sky competitor, thought to be far better also than Stellarium (which is alredy better than Google Sky). A few days ago Robert Scooble tried to anticipate (or build up) part of the hype with his typical “it’s-wonderful-but-I-can’t-tell-you-anything” post. The guess is based on the fact that Curtis Wong and Jonathan Fay, researchers at Microsoft who showed to Robert something that made him cry, are “avid amateur astronomers”.

Now, the point is: it this niche application worth enough bucks to justify investment? What will you do/think if you were a Microsoft stockholder?

Che dite? Google Sky o Stellarium non sono cose troppo di nicchia?

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